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2 Zone System

Gas condensing combie boiler installed in attic. This system I designed has 2 zones.

This means downstairs (zone 1)is timed and thermostatically controlled and upstairs (zone 2) is timed and thermostatically controlled meaning each zone can be controlled independently. This means thermostats can be set at different temperatures and can be set to come on and off at different times. If the customer has no need for upstairs heating to be on they simply switch that zone off and same for downstairs. Each room is also thermostatically controlled by thermostatic radiator valves. The gas condensing combie boiler replaced the cylinder (hot water storage tank in hot press) meaning there's no storage of hot water as the boiler instantly heats the amount of water needed. This has huge savings as there's no wasted stored water or immersion heater. Also the space saved from removing the cylinder can become a built in unit. In this house the hot press was knocked down and space was added to the bathroom. Another great advantage to combie gas boiler is that the boiler will always be in condensing mode. This system is designed with high efficiency in mind and will save this customer thousands of Euros over their life time. I have also added a 2 bar water pump supplying 2 bar of water pressure to both hot and cold water supplies. Warranty gas boiler 7 years. Warranty on labour 2 years. Warranty on matials supplied 1 year from manufacturer. Hope this information is useful.


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