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Chemical Cleaning of your Heating System

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Have you noticed cold spots on your radiators or rooms not heating as they used to? Then you need your system chemically cleaned. This consists of adding a chemical cleaner to the heating system.

The chemical is added in the system through a radiator. The condition of the heating system will determine the amount of chemicals and the amount of time the chemical will be left in the system (in most cases 4 to 24 hours). The system will then be drained of all water and flushed out.


Then another chemical is added called Inhibitor. The Inhibitor is added to stop the build up of scale and sluge reforming in the system (amount = 2 litres per 10 radiators). The heating system will require Inhibitor to be added every 5 years afterwards to ensure top efficiency.


It's also best practice after the system has been power flushed to add a magnetic cleaner (magnet clean). The purpose of magnetic cleaner: As the radiators and any metal surfaces inside the system start to deteriorate the magnetic cleaner traps the rust particles in its magnetic filter where it is easily removed and this becomes part of the boiler service once a year.



Thanks for reading,

Philip Marry

Philip Marry Heating & Plumbing Limited


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