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Like me, have you started to worry about what chemicals are in our drinking water

I started researching online and what I found frightened me so much, that my wife and I have stopped our children and ourselves drinking the tap water. This is my decision due to what information I have come across from doing my research on chemicals found in drinking water and the affects it has on myself, my wife and our children. Being a father I wanted to stop chemicals like chlorine, florid and other contaminants that are added or seep into our family's water supply. As a concerned husband and father I have installed a reverse osmosis water filter system which removes nearly all harmful chemicals from my water supply. I've also added another filter that produces more of the good minerals needed in good drinking water. I know now when my family drink water from our home they're free from harmful chemicals. Even going out we bring bottles of water so none of us need to drink water from other sources. I hope you look into this issue on your own and make a decision on the research you find. I have a stock of every filter you might want to install if you are concerned. Best wishes, Many thanks Supply and installation of 6 stage reverse osmosis water filter and tap is €520. Enjoy clean chemical free water for you and your children - it's a right in life to feel guilt free when your children and yourself drink water.

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